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Our brand values have always been around 4 key areas; HEALTHY – No additives or preservatives, TASTE – A great tasting flavour, TEXTURE – to give that moreish bite and CONVENIENCE – the ability to snack on the go. There are many products on the market but what we found were unhealthy high sugar snacks full of additives that were said to be healthy (breakfast bars etc.) when in reality they were the exact opposite OR were healthy but tasted all the same. There had to be a better way to snack!

There has been a lot of trialling and testing to make sure BeatBites covered all of our key areas and was liked by neighbouring friends and family. We had officially started designing our premium products! After piloting many different flavours, with lots of feedback and constructive criticism right up until manufacture (the final recipe) BeatBites were born! We have partnered with a UK based, accredited manufacturer, giving us the ability to scale up quickly 4 products, individually different, 100% Natural, Vegan and Healthy ENJOY!

Hetty’s story, BeatBites Founder

I started this journey at home back in 2018 for my family to snack on…I dreamt big things but not thinking of it becoming an official product that I can share with everyone!

I have always loved cooking and creating in the kitchen and had used it as a stress relief in the past. This is when I started creating energy bars and healthier on the go treats, still just doing it for fun and us. I have lovely family and friends along with a great mentor, who have been so supportive and giving me the nudge to take it further.

I was later introduced to a boutique gym, Barry’s in London. It was a completely new world for me, but it was amazing, and I loved it! Combining a healthier lifestyle, creating in the kitchen and also always having a little boogie whilst cooking. BeatBites were officially born! On from that, I have been very lucky to secure the services of a professional development team in the process. I have amazing people around me, supporting me from the get-go. It has been a journey, still is, I am always learning and hoping to bring more yumminess to you all in the future!

We are now ready to conquer the Healthy Snacking Category!

Simon, Non-Exec Director

I have spent a number of years in the food industry and learnt alot!
I will now use this experience to ensure Beatbites is the Go-To Snack brand

It was an easy decision for me to join the team at Beatbites and the fantastic Hetty B.
A Fantastic product along with inspirational people.. win win !

I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the operational side of our business and getting our snacks into your hands 

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our packaging, We proper! love it

So let’s shout about it, I worked closely with the designers and we tried various options together. I wanted something that was colourful, that linked to my original logo shape, and when you looked at it there could be no mistaking what you are about to buy. Obviously it also had to also leap off the shelf!

It was clear that to stand out, the ‘pop’ aspect needed to be there, that's when we came up with the idea of changing the product colours, but keeping the base of the logo the same. This was the winner for me!

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